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Storage Bins

Our storage bins are very heavy-duty. They were originally designed to be used in the oilfields to store pigs but they can be used to store anything. The bins are ribbed to provide extra strength.

Storage Bin Small
Small Storage Bin
27 1/2 "
Width: 17 1/2 "
Height: 12 1/2 "
Storage Bin Large
Large Storage Bin
Length: 33"
Width: 31"
Height: 23"
Stackable Forkliftable Storage Bin
  Lid Box Legs Total
45" 44" 44" 45"
Width: 45" 44" 44" 45"
Height: 5" 44" 7 1/2" 51"
This storage bin can come non forkliftable by removing the legs. You can have any combination of the 3 pieces to have a custom containment.

Important note: please confirm measurements when ordering.

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