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Water tank solutions

Some people underestimate the utility of plastic tanks. Edmonton alone uses plastic tanks for a huge number of purposes that aren’t always immediately obvious. For example, while many people often think of industrial-grade plastic tanks being used to store hazardous materials such as water and gas, they’re often used simply to hold water. If you think about it, it really is critical in just about any industrial environment to have quick and convenient access to water tanks. Alberta in general puts millions to use each and every day, and in Edmonton, plastic water tank usage by industrial clients is always on the rise.

At Blaze Plastics, as one of the leading plastic water tank manufacturers in Canada, we strive to offer a wide selection of high quality tanks to fit just about any need you might have. For example, we offer:

Ribbed vertical storage tanks specially designed to take up as little floor space as possible, saving you valuable real estate.

Cylindrical plastic tanks for water or chemical storage which can be easily fit into racks for high-volume storage solutions.

Horizontally oriented water storage systems, or low profile tanks, which are ideal for establishments without high ceilings that still have a need for reliable, safe water or chemical storage.

Transport tanks and water hauling tanks for mobile operations that require a continuous supply of water. These can be custom-designed for installation on your vehicles, or you can choose from a variety of standard models that will generally fit in the bed of most small trucks.

We also perform custom water tank crafting services for those who have a need we haven’t already addressed. We can make high quality tanks in just about any shape and size to suit your specifications, including customized placement of flanges, fittings, vents, and so on.

What’s more is that each and every one of our products is made to the exacting standards of Blaze Plastics, which means:

  • High quality polyethylene resin that prevents contamination and keeps your liquids secure.
  • Industry-leading rotational molding process that leaves no seams and minimizes the chance of a leak or “weak spot”.
  • Ergonomic designs that are easy to install and maintain.
  • Translucent plastics for easy “at a glance” monitoring of your levels

Ultimately, if you’re in need of a water tank, Edmonton is the place to be, because Blaze Plastics, locally owned and operated, is committed to providing you with the ultimate in water storage and transport tank technology.